11 May 2009

Using Url Redirection

Many people who follow the affiliate or referral program and want to get a downline, but the fact that there is a blog does not want visitors to click a link that contains an affiliate link, they always see the status bar on the browser when they highlight a link, and when the link usually does not have any ID would like to click on that link.You can use the short url so that your site look more attractive.

There are at least 2 reasons for people to cut their links :

1.Bad to be seen, people generally do not believe it when they see another links behind main link.For people who do not understand Internet Marketing, such as link http://NamaDomain.com have any more credibility than http://NamaDomain . com /? userid, and more people believe that the first link. Original site so that you do not look, just use this sub domains.

2.Affiliate link that you use usually is easy to delete. If someone does not like to see a link behind your affiliate link in any reason, they will remove your affiliate link, and only type domain only (http://NamaDomain.com). You can put the main domain with free subdomains.

So you can increase the visitors on your homepage by beaming them up to your site with a free, short and easy to remember URL.
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